Sat, Sep 19
Red Rum Tour - Augusta, Maine
North-East leg of the Red Rum Mixin' It Up Tour in Augusta, Maine Live Audience - Pay-Per-View - Hosted by Bacardi - Hosted by Dom Colizzi & Friends * Pay-Per-View Tickets Sold Here - *
Sat, Aug 29
Red Rum Tour - Nashville, TN
Kick off to our Red Rum Mixin' It Up Tour - Full Band - Pay-Per-View Tickets - Hosted by Dom Colizzi & Friends * Purchase Pay-Per-View Tickets Here - *
Fri, Jul 31
Castaways Seafood and Grille
Red Rum Tour - Seabrook Beach, NH
First acoustic show of the Red Rum Mixin' It Up Tour at Castaways in Seabrook Beach, NH Free Show - Hosted by Bacardi

Who Am I?

Multi-Genre Singer/Songwriter

- Multi-Instrumentalist

- Producer 

- Actor

- Anti-Bully Activist


- These Are Real Stories from Children around the country that shared their words with Dominic -

"Seeing you Tuesday night was incredible. Getting to meet you with my mom touched my heart. Your song brought us both to tears and really hit home for me..... You truly are an inspiration and you opened my eyes to the fact that I want to share my story with the world to let others know there is hope. I live by
the words "Be yourself no matter what other people think. God made you the way you are for a reason. Besides, an original is always worth more than a copy." Thank you for being you. I'd love to share my story with you someday. Hopefully I'll see you again! Wishing you the best xoxo"

"I believe that god sent you here for a reason today. I've battled depression and suicidal thoughts and actions for most of my life. I started to relapse this week, then you came here today. you came just when i needed you most. thank you so much"

"My mother had told me that this world has earth angels ... now I know that she was talking about you. The world could really use more people like you"

"When you came to my highschool last week, I thought I was gonna have to sit through another assembly that doesn't even relate to anything I do, but when you came out and started singing and telling us about your story, my whole outlook on the assembly changed. You really made a difference. Thank you for
being such a good speaker, I related to the majority of the issues that you brought up and it made me realize that I'm not alone. You're amazing and I can't thank you enough, keep being you."

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