- Testimonials -



“Dominic and his Somebody’s Hero Tour were one of the best investments we have made 

for the children and the staff of our district. Dominic maintained a captive audience from the 

beginning of the program. He is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter performing music 

enjoyed by all. Dominic's genuine honesty and story inspired children to want to make a 

difference not only in school but in life. His evening concert only added to the fine program and 

brought more people out to hear his message through music. I highly recommend this program. 

It is sure to make a difference for all involved.” 

Matt Clark, Principal 

Calais Maine Middle / High School 



"For my elementary school life, everything was wonderful. I had great friends, my family was closer than
ever, and I was "popular". Then, when I hit fifth grade, everything changed... I didn't want to dress preppy
anymore, I became a tom boy, and I lost the majority of my friends for it. People would pick on me
because I was different from the other girls, and the other girls hated me because I was basically one of
the guys. The next year I met a girl who was friends with a cousin of mine and I happened to over hear
their conversation on the phone. She called me gross, ugly, repulsive and said I should just die...
Needless to say, I fell into a depression that year, I couldn't take the hate and especially being told to die
and after awhile, I didn't want to live... I started self harming and had bad thoughts for the longest time...
then I met a new friend and with the little friends I had at the time, it was a big step for me... that summer
while I still had those thoughts about ending it all, and as I was just about to hurt myself again, and I'm
being totally honest here when I say, my iPod buzzed and it was that new friend of mine. She texted me
and asked if we could video chat, she talked about how much she missed me and that made me realize...
I was important to someone, and that someone is now my current best friend. Dominic came to my
school today and as he talked, not only did every word he said hit home and make me fall into my friends
arms and cry but it inspired me and taught me, everything gets better and that just because your being
pushed down and hurt by someone's words doesn't mean your nothing... it means one day, you could do
something big."

"Seeing you Tuesday night was incredible. Getting to meet you with my mom touched my heart. Your song brought us both to tears and really hit home for me..... You truly are an inspiration and you opened my eyes to the fact that I want to share my story with the world to let others know there is hope. I live by
the words "Be yourself no matter what other people think. God made you the way you are for a reason. Besides, an original is always worth more than a copy." Thank you for being you. I'd love to share my story with you someday. Hopefully I'll see you again! Wishing you the best xoxo"

"I believe that god sent you here for a reason today. I've battled depression and suicidal thoughts and actions for most of my life. I started to relapse this week, then you came here today. you came just when i needed you most. thank you so much"

"My mother had told me that this world has earth angels ... now I know that she was talking about you. The world could really use more people like you"

"When you came to my highschool last week, I thought I was gonna have to sit through another assembly that doesn't even relate to anything I do, but when you came out and started singing and telling us about your story, my whole outlook on the assembly changed. You really made a difference. Thank you for
being such a good speaker, I related to the majority of the issues that you brought up and it made me realize that I'm not alone. You're amazing and I can't thank you enough, keep being you."